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Paratus Affiliate Program

Refer a business owner. Earn $100.

Paratus Affiliates earn $100 every time a business owner signs-up for DealBuilder.

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How does it work?

1. Register as an affilitate below
2. Copy your unique referral link
3. Include your link in newsletters, blogs, or direct emails to clients
4. Get paid $100 when they sign-up for DealBuilder!
Get your affiliate link

Who is a great affiliate?

If you work with small businesses, you could be a great fit as an affiliate:

  1. 󰍬

    You have a large audience of small business owners (blog, newsletter, podcast)

  2. 󰪋

    You are a professional advisor to small business owners (accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, etc.)

  3. 󰝭

    You are an association for small businesses (Chamber of Commerce)


What if my audience isn't ready to sell their business yet?

Help them plan the exit of their business with PriceBuilder. PriceBuilder is our $20/month exit planning community for small business owners. We keep track of your referral so you still get paid $100 when they upgrade to DealBuilder.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

Nope! Signing-up and becoming a DealBuilder Affiliate is completely free.

How do the commissions work?

After you've signed-up you will receive your unique referral link. Copy and send that link to business owners thinking about selling their business. When they pay for DealBuilder you are eligible to receive $100. You will receive an email from us with details on how to receive the payment.

What is the difference between PriceBuilder & DealBuilder? 

PriceBuilder is a low-cost exit planning community for small business owners. For $10/month business owners gain access member-only resources to improve their business valuation.

DealBuilder is our commission-free business-for-sale tool. DealBuilders provides a business valuation, buyer presentation, access to millions of buyers, and NDA management. DealBuilder is a $500 one-time fee.

What happens if my referral subscribes to PriceBuilder? 

Don't worry - your referrals are tracked to your account. So when your referral eventually upgrades to DealBuilder you are still eligible for your $100 referral.