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Selling your business, without the complexities

We make the sale of your business fast, easy, and private.

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Be Prepared

The #1 reason businesses fail to sell is a lack of preparation. Using the Paratus Toolkit, you can inspire confidence in any prospective buyer.

How it works

1. Create a business-for-sale marketing package with our DealBuilder tool
2. Our libraries of templates and examples allows you to easily edit and polish your work
3. DealBuilder compiles your answers and creates a 20-25 page marketing package.
4. Your business is now ready to present to potential buyers.


DealBuilder makes it simple for business owners to sell their business.

  • To create professional marketing presentations that impress buyers
  • To share your presentation directly to qualified buyers
  • To protect the confidentiality of your business sale
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Our Tools

All prices in USD
  • Get an accurate valuation for your business
  • Backed by a database of 40,000+ transactions
  • The 'Do-it-Yourself' option
  • Access to a library of templates and examples
  • Confidentially advertise directly to buyers
  • Built-in NDA management


Learn about the team behind Paratus

Mike Lenz

Mike brings over 30 years of business ownership plus 15 years of transactional experience to the table. Participating in over 150 deals as an M&A Advisor, Mike has a deep understanding of how to maximize business value and get transactions done.

Keith Mackenzie

Over the course of 30 years of business ownership, Keith has participated in multiple business sales. For the past 10 years, Keith has owned an M&A firm and has successfully completed over 100 deals.

Morgan Tate

Morgan has worked in multiple roles in both technology and finance. Morgan is passionate about helping owners plan the sale of their business.