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Selling your business, without the complexities

We make the sale of your business fast, easy, and private.

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An unfortunate headline:

Reasons business fail to sell:

48% don't properly value their business
31% of owners don't know where to start
56% of owners struggle to find a suitable buyer

Find success with DealBuilder

Selling your business shouldn't feel like a visit to the dentist. DealBuilder makes it easy:

  • To create professional marketing presentations that impress buyers
  • To share your presentation directly to qualified buyers
  • To protect the confidentiality of your business sale
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How it Works

  1. Answer a series of questions about your business.
  2. DealBuilder compiles your answers and creates a shareable presentation link.
  3. Share your presentation directly to potential buyers.
  4. Receive offers
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Resources to Sell Your Business

Below are some resources to help you prepare for the sale of your business:

How To Sell A Company In 5 Days

A full-price offer for their business, only 5 days after announcing it was for sale. The owner rubbed his eyes and re-read the email. He hadn't misread it, the buyer was offering to fly across the country to meet them that weekend. The week was a blur communicating with the buyer and reviewing the offer. But to the owners' disbelief, he received another full-price offer. Two full-price offers in a week. Is this the story of a Silicon Valley start-up? No, this is the true story of a small-town business with only $150,000 in revenue. Here's how they sold their business with DealBuilder:

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How to buy a business with no money

After a long search, you've finally found your dream business. The business is profitable, in your industry of expertise, and the owner is desperate to sell. Why hasn't it sold already? The owner has struggled to find a buyer with the necessary operational expertise. Having all the leverage in the negotiation, you propose the following structure:

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