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Sell your business, without complexities

DealBuilder makes the sale of your business fast, easy, and private.

Sell my business

Advertise to millions of buyers.

Find your ideal buyer. DealBuilder includes a 12-month listing on BizBuySell and ($1,400+ value).
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Make sure the price is right.

Don't leave money on the table. Underpricing your business means less money in your pocket. While overpricing your business could make a sale impossible.

DealBuilder includes a market-based business valuation‍

Looking to maximize your valuation before selling? Start by joining our PriceBuilder exit-planning community.

Impress buyers.

First impressions matter. Sending documents with typos and bad formatting will kill buyer confidence.

After you complete a survey, DealBuilder generates a high-quality buyer presentation (no formatting required).

Hate writing? DealBuilder has templates that will make you sound like a modern-day Shakespeare.

Keep your sale a secret.

Sell your business in private. With DealBuilder, nobody can access details about your business without signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

This keeps the sale of your business private from your employees, customers, and competitors.

Okay great, but does DealBuilder work?

Read the case study

Case Study

How To Sell A Company In 5 Days.

The case study of selling a chocolate shop in a small town.

Read the case study