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Full support to sell your business. 5x lower fees.

DealBuilder makes the sale of your business fast, easy, and private.

What is DealBuilder?

DealBuilder is a virtual platform that helps you sell your business. We match you with a dedicated Deal Manager who helps you value your business, find buyers, and close the deal.

But we are not a business brokerage, making us a bit different:

Traditional Business Brokers

  • 󰅙
    10-15% success fee
  • 󰅙
    Exclusive listing agreements
  • 󰅙
    $1,000+ engagement fees


  • 󰗠
    Flat 2% success fee, regardless of transaction size
  • 󰗠
    Non-exclusive agreement
  • 󰗠
    $100/month until you sell (month-to-month)

What our clients say

"The long and short of it is this: after our initial contact with the DealBuilder team, our business was sold for our asking price in less than four months."
-The Chocolate Pearl
Client testimonial stating: "The long and short of it is this: after our initial contact with the DealBuilder team, our business was sold for our asking price in less than four months."

See how it works

Iphone with an alert that Bill Gates would like to access the business-for-sale listing.

Access millions of buyers.

We confidentially advertise your business on the largest business-for-sale sites online.

The difference? These sites can cost over $300/month with minimum commitments of up to 6-months. DealBuilder has no minimum commitments. logo
An image of an iphone with a notification that Oprah Winfrey is requesting access to the DealBuilder User's CIM.
Screenshot of a buyer permission dashboard from DealBuilder. Within the dashboard users can grant or deny buyer access.

Block spam and unqualified buyers

Sell your business in private. With DealBuilder, nobody can access details about your business (or contact you) without first signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

This blocks spammers and keeps the sale of your business a secret from your employees, customers, and competitors.
Screenshot of valuation calculation page from PriceBuilder on a laptop

Double-check your asking price

Don't leave money on the table. Underpricing your business means less money in your pocket. While overpricing your business can make it impossible to sell.

By using DealBuilder, you gain access to an experienced Deal Manager to help you determine a realistic asking price for your business.

Looking to increase your valuation before selling? Start by joining our PriceBuilder exit-planning community.

Still not convinced?

Read our client case study
A photoshopped movie cover with the title, "How to Sell a Company in 5 Days"

Case Study

How To Sell A Company In 5 Days.

Read how this DealBuilder user received 2 full priced offers for their small-town chocolate shop.

Read the case study


How do the fees work? Is there a minimum commitment period?


We charge $100/month to list your business with DealBuilder. Once you successfully sell, we take an additional 2% success fee.

There is no minimum commitment period with DealBuilder, allowing you to cancel at anytime.

Why do you charge $100/month?


First, our Deal Managers complete a tremendous amount of support to sell your business. This includes your business valuation, buyer presentation (see example), responding to your questions, in addition to managing your listing ads on business-for-sale sites.

Second, we want to ensure DealBuilder users are committed to the process of selling their business. We've found that $100/month provides enough 'skin in the game' to make sure DealBuilder users are serious about selling.

How do you keep the sale of my business confidential? 


Before accessing any information about your business all buyers must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This legally prevents buyers from sharing information about your business to anyone else.

You have full control as to whether you accept or reject buyer access to the presentation.

How do you find buyers for my business?


In addition to our growing list of buyers, we confidentially advertise your business across the internet. The sites we use include and - the 2 largest business-for-sale sites online.

What type of support do Deal Managers provide? 


Deal Managers provide comprehensive sales & marketing support while you sell your business. This includes completing your business valuation, writing your buyer presentation, and answering the questions you may have along the way.

You can think of your Deal Manager as your personal Deal Concierge. Need help finding a good transactional lawyer? Your Deal Manager can make a few recommendations. Is the buyer trying to figure out how to get financing? Let your Deal Manager help them out.

How long will it take to sell my business?


The honest answer? It depends. On average, it takes 6-12 months to successfully sell a business.
Sometimes you can get lucky and sell faster, however, it is best to set the right expectations.